1. How To Make Kids Dental Care Fun

    We are not going to trick anybody. We cannot convince somebody of something that just is not true. So we are not going to attempt to do anything of the sort. The truth is, nothing about maintaining strong dental hygiene would be what a normal person calls fun or enjoyable (we would, but we will admi…Read More

  2. Healthy Kids Dental Care Habits

    So much of parenting comes down to teaching. Whether that is actively showing your children new skills, traits and behaviors, or indirectly teaching kids habits through the way you and other adults in their lives behave. The goal in the end, after all, is to raise children into independent and respo…Read More

  3. What To Look For In a Kid’s Dentist

    We understand what you’re very likely thinking right now. “My kid is going to lose their teeth anyway.” So what’s the point in taking them to see a dentist, much less on a routine basis? Great question, one you’re not alone in having! Unfortunately, a child’s healthy smile doesn’t begi…Read More